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EACSOF Youth Working Group

About Youth Working Group

EACSOF Kenya has established the national Youth and young women working group to accelerate meaningful Youth and young women involvement in the East African Integration. Young women involvement is through the Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA) programme.

The national youth and young women working group brings together over 20 national Youth –led and young women organizations engaged in advocacy and implementation of various youth and young women programmes in Kenya. In particular, these organizations implement programmes on governance and security, Youth and young women economic empowerment, Sexual and gender Based Violence (SGBV) among others.

Eacsof -Kenya Youth Working Group is in line with the treaty for the establishment of the EAC which underscores people centered and market driven cooperation and emphasizes multi-level participation and the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders in integration dialogue.

This group will reinvigorate the youth voice which has been weak in the EAC Consultative Dialogue Framework (CDF)at national level through their participation in the National Dialogue Committee (NDC), the National Dialogue Forums (NDF) and the newly established Presidential Roundtable meeting with the NDC.

Meaningful engagement of these youth organizations will go a long way in shaping the youth agenda at regional level as their participation will be enhanced in the EAC Regional Dialogue Committee (RDC) and ultimately the EAC Secretary Generals Forum (EAC SGs Forum.