Protecting Civic Space and engaging Multi-sector partnerships in fighting corruption

Break Free Alliance
May 12, 2022
Economic Justice
May 18, 2022


Ford Foundation


The project seeks to strengthen the collaboration of CSOs in working together to address corruption through appropriate policies and further seeks to influence the achievement of a secure and enhanced civic space. 


  • To support and facilitate CSOs to gain knowledge and capacity to take up spaces particularly in public participation. To support implementation of legislation and by increasing effective dialogue between CSO, PSOs and government/EAC on target issues through the EAC Consultative Dialogue framework.
  • To strengthen CSO partnerships through mobilizing and motivating CSOs through research and information dissemination, knowledge sharing as well as through communiques, press releases and different forms of civic action in partnerships across the region. 
  • To increase representation and engagement of youth in EAC policy awareness implementation and integration processes.
  • To push for adoption of National and Regional laws and standards for protecting and enabling operating environment for CSOs.


  • Enhanced capacity of CSOs, PSOs, youth and other interest groups to engage and advocate for the implementation of National and Regional laws and policies through the EAC Consultative Dialogue framework.
  • Improved participation of CSOs the protection of civic space and the fight against corruption
  • Increased advocacy on the operationalization of the PBO act which will create an enabling environment for civil society organizations in the east African region to operate.
  • Enhanced capacity of youth to effectively participate in holding the government accountable in the implementation of the EAC Youth policy.